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Hi there lovely! I'm Katherine, designer & stylist just outside of NYC! I help brides and entrepreneurs find elegance (& simplicity!) in an industry filled with overwhelming options and quick-dissolve trends. Here on the blog you'll find the behind the scenes of our joy-filled studio, special peeks into the bridal collections, bits of education for designers, and the style secrets I've curated over a decade long love affair with French life & style (and y'know it's the real deal when it comes with a French husband and bilingual littles...).


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katherine bignon

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a peek behind the seams

Sketching used to make me cry. Having an art assignment to turn in made me procrastinate, bite my nails, and get super nervous. I loved art, don’t get me wrong, but I never felt like my work was good enough to be put onto paper, let alone be showed to anyone. I felt like I […]

The first time I walked through Paris I was told to keep a tight grip on my purse, make sure none of the zippers or pockets were facing out, otherwise someone would surely slip their hand in and take something, and to keep my passport in a pouch underneath my blouse. 12 months later, on […]

I heard this question asked at a conference recently, (one filled mainly with photographers, hence the photo-specific wording), and it stopped me in my tracks. “If God took away your camera, what would you do?” Fill in the blank for yourself, if God took away your _________, what would you do? If I lost my […]

As of 12 noon today, the KB Shop is live! It has been a dream of mine for a long time now to launch a shop and I am over the moon excited that it’s happening! My vision is for the shop to flow right alongside our Bespoke Bridal & Trousseau designs, which you can […]

Oh I’m so excited to welcome you to the new home for this little brand! I have poured so much heart and soul (and some sweat and tears!) into this rebranding process and I am over the moon excited to finally share it! There’s a new website (with a mobile site!), a new blog, and […]

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