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Hi there lovely! I'm Katherine, designer & stylist just outside of NYC! I help brides and entrepreneurs find elegance (& simplicity!) in an industry filled with overwhelming options and quick-dissolve trends. Here on the blog you'll find the behind the scenes of our joy-filled studio, special peeks into the bridal collections, bits of education for designers, and the style secrets I've curated over a decade long love affair with French life & style (and y'know it's the real deal when it comes with a French husband and bilingual littles...).


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katherine bignon

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a peek behind the seams

One of the first questions I hear during each and every consult with my brides is, “What will the dress be made out of?” They want to know whether it’s silk or polyester, what the fabric will feel like, what it will look like, and how it will move. And most importantly, whether or not […]

Before I rebranded and freshened up the look of Katherine Bignon, and clarified exactly what this brand is, I spent all my time trying to attract everyone. Literally everyone. I tried to make sure that my blog posts were so varied that I was always attracting different people. I designed whatever people asked me to […]

I spent years being embarrassed that all of the garments I designed were created on a little home sewing machine. Just me and my tabletop machine. I’d pull it out when I was ready to sew, and then pack it up when I needed to cut and create patterns on the table space. I felt […]

Sketching used to make me cry. Having an art assignment to turn in made me procrastinate, bite my nails, and get super nervous. I loved art, don’t get me wrong, but I never felt like my work was good enough to be put onto paper, let alone be showed to anyone. I felt like I […]

I heard this question asked at a conference recently, (one filled mainly with photographers, hence the photo-specific wording), and it stopped me in my tracks. “If God took away your camera, what would you do?” Fill in the blank for yourself, if God took away your _________, what would you do? If I lost my […]

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