I'm a stylist and creative director, but my friends call me their closet fairy godmother.

hi, I'm Katherine

And the crazy thing is, I didn't want to wear the old clothes at all, I didn’t even like them. But getting rid of them felt like saying goodbye to who I had been before, and I still wasn’t sure who I was now. But I knew there had to be a different way to have a relationship with my clothes.

i couldn't find anything to wear that felt good.

Staring at clothes that were never going to fit again. Clothes on hangers. Clothes in piles. So many clothes that I couldn’t find the pieces that could work among the clutter. Loving my new life, adoring the sweet littles I was snuggling. But drowning under the weight of expectations and a closet I couldn’t clean up. Literally couldn’t close the doors to. Because it was overflowing with things that didn’t fit, and I kept piling new clearance rack finds that were a feel-better-band-aid-patch on top. 

It all started when I was sitting there, one too many days in a row, covered in a milk stained tee. 

Clothes are deeply personal. They hold so many expectations, hurts, joys, & memories. And now, I absolutely adore helping women find their confidence in them. Growing up, I was obsessed with gorgeous design. I had sketchbooks full of dress ideas, convinced my friends to let me make their prom dresses, and stayed up til midnight too many times to count, whipping up something to wear the next day. I pursued a BFA in Fashion Design from FIT, and worked for years as a custom bridal gown designer, before launching this styling studio to work with small business owners to strategically curate looks for brand shoots & lifestyle needs.

and i have heard that same story echoed over and over again by clients & friends.

my fave people. they're the best and i am the luckiest.

my loves

In a culture filled to the brim with fast fashion, disposable trends, influencers, and constant access to more while being sold the lie that in order to fit in, you must have this, when it comes to curating your style, a closet you love, and clothes for your shoot, where do you even begin? I launched this studio to meet people in their overwhelm, and provide simple, strategical, lasting solutions.

it's about giving you back your joy.

What started off as a studio for brand shoot prep has grown into something so much bigger. Yep, our brand shoots are core to what we offer, but so many of our clients are also the mamas who have echoed my story above, & the business owners who are drowning in imposter syndrome, second guessing every outfit for their next meeting. This studio isn't just about clothes...

I see you. I've lived through the uncomfort of having no clue what to wear, and no idea how to fit in too.


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"The SECRET OF GREAT STYLE is to feel good 
in what you wear"

— ines de la fressange



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