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I grew up sewing, my mom grew up sewing, her mom and aunts... you get the picture! I used to stare at the portrait of my parents wedding, mom in the white dress she made herself, and a deep-seated dream to design those gowns myself one day was born. Fast forward to a design degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology, countless gowns created, international workshops hosted, and dreams chased.

katherine bignon

french by marriage
mama to (almost) 5
classy with a side of cocktail

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"our aim is to creaty beauty through the cultivation of simple elegance, and to inspire the confidence that cames from authenticity, (or as the french say, THAT certain 'je ne sais quoi')."

I've followed the enticing pull and it's cultivated a deep appreciation for what design could be if it wasn't always about adding one more thing with every look, every season, every collection.
      Here, you'll find bridal designs that whisper classic elegance, styling services that curate intentionality vs constant replenishing, and a shop of hand stitched silk loungewear designs that are truly effortless, designed to bring quiet, joyful mornings.

I believe that true elegance is found in simplicity; that fleeting idea of just a little touch of less. And that simplicity & elegance will always speak louder than the flashiest trend ever could. I have the honor of being called "French, by marriage" and I've had the pleasure of over a decade long front row seat to the French values of joyful contentment, and less becoming so much more- in style and in life.  Clearly that wasn't always my aim in life, but step-by-step 

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who we are

Chilled rosé on the patio, my in-laws garden fresh meals, oversized hydrangeas, houses with real shutters- the Belle singing "Bonjour" kind, and evenings on the beach. Pure bliss.

summers in the south of france

The one thing I can't pass up in a boutique, or a fabric store for that matter- that perfect floral print. Hence the birth of the Robe Shop, and a deep seated love of Liberty of London.

perfect floral prints

No matter how many cups I've had, I'll always take one more if it means we linger longer. Tea with milk please & espresso with cream (or maybe it's the other way around...)

cozy drinks and long chats

The quilt tradition goes back generations here- weddings, births, graduations... each story is marked with a stitched piece of beauty and I cherish the memories marked on each one.

handmade textile heirlooms

First things I pack? A colorful palette, piles of watercolor paper, and cherished brushes. We don't remember our trips digitally, but in those paintings preserving each colorful memory.

traveling slow

Call me old-fashioned (and pour me one while you're at it?) but there's nothing daintier than a long trailing line of delicately wrapped silk buttons. Forget the zip, the tiny loops are all you need.

silk covered buttons

life behind the seams


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