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Strategy Driven Styling that hands you back your mojo.

Curated collections for lifestyle + shoots that clarify your style, fit your body, and connect with your audience. Say good-bye to an overflowing-nothing-to-wear closet. 


For your body, your style, and your day. What would that even feel like?
For starters, getting dressed would be a cinch.  But today it isn't, and let me tell you a secret - it's not your fault. It should be easy to get dressed, you tell yourself. It's just clothes, and this isn't middle school anymore. You're drowning. Whether it's in too much, too little, or no clue how to put it all together for shoot day. I promise I can simplify your mornings, and give you back your confidence in the process.

What if you could snap your fingers and everything in your closet just, works? 


Strategy driven styling solutions so that you'll never have nothing to wear again.

What we do...

french by marriage, maman to 5, only wears high-waisted jeans.

Hi, I'm Katherine.
and I'm the best kind of friend -

I'm the one who sends you links for dresses you'll look real cute in, & tells you gently that the other one is just going to sit unworn in your closet if you buy it.
With a BFA in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, and a passion for understanding clothing & design, I designed custom bridal gowns before opening a styling studio to help small business owners prep for Brand Shoots & fall in love with their closet again.

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easier to get

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A closet full of impulse buys


When none of your clothes feel good...

Closet: Museum or Store?

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3 Must-Haves for Every Brand Shoot

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In a world of excess, I'm the only stylist who will help you curate the exact pieces you need, and then tells you to stop shopping,  because your closet shouldn't control you. We focus on your values, to give you a closet that will last a lifetime, vs this trend rushed season.

There's a lot of stylists out there...

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Are you ready to... simplify your mornings, eliminate shopping overwhelm, and ditch the nothing-to-wear fiasco for good with a closet that works with your body, not against it? 

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Personal styling designed to help you take your life back. We'll clarify your style, eliminate shopping overwhelm, and ditch the nothing-to-wear but no-space-in-the-closet fiasco with a foundational wardrobe for your body & style.

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*Combing me with your Brand Shoot for even more magic.

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- ashley,
Annual Styling + coaching

“Not only did you get my style pegged to a T, you enhanced it in a way I never could.”

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From anxiety inducing overwhelm and endless outfit changes bc nothing feels right, to dressed and confident in 5 minutes flat. Snag my list of 7 pieces that will transform your morning routine.

The 7 Pieces That Will Transform Your Morning

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