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Meet Réanna | Paris France, Custom Wedding Dress Design

If you read last week’s installment of the Paris Travelogue + City Guide, you’ve actually already met the beautiful bride that I get to introduce you to today! I lived with Réanna and her family the year that I spent in France, and now I am SO excited that I get to design her wedding gown! I feel like my own sister is getting married and I just can’t wait!!

When Réanna first told me she wanted me to design her gown, I immediately begin to see the type of gown I wanted to create for her, so when we finally had a chance to sit down and chat about all the details, I was thrilled that her vision was exactly what I was hoping to design for her!


Tell me a little about yourself?

I’m a law student doing a masters program in international law, working part time in retail, founder and co-leader of a dance team, volunteer worker in a non-profit, and main worship leader in my church. Oh, and I’m planning a wedding too. Needless to say, I’m quite the busy beaver! Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, but I am so grateful for the life I lead, and want to live it to the fullest.

What is the one part of your wedding that you’re most looking forward to?

Definitely our wedding vows. I’m looking forward to the moment when, in front of family and friends as witnesses, I get to express not only my love but my most devoted commitment to my future spouse.

How did you and David meet?

David and I met when I was a baby – literally! I’ve known him all my life. From being church friends to big bro/lil sis, we are now the best friends in the world and 3 months away from becoming husband & wife.

When you imagine your wedding day in your mind, what scene plays on repeat?

I think one of the most touching moments of the whole day will be the Father-daugther dance. My dad and I are really close; my big sister has already moved out of the house, and he will now have to let his baby go. We’ll have to keep the tissue box at hand 😉

What was the first thing about David that you fell in love with?

His humor. He makes me giggle and laugh so much. We tease each other all the time and have moments where we’ll get really silly!

What three words describe what you value most for your wedding dress?

Simplicity – elegance – me. I wanted a dress that reflected who I am. A pretty but not too fancy dress, delicate and discrete.

What has been your favorite part about planning your wedding?

The most fun part of planning my wedding is imagining the whole day. I get so excited when I start thinking about it!

Who has inspired you most for what you want your wedding to be like?

My good friend Laura, who is like a sister to me, had such a beautiful and simple wedding in Quebec. An outdoor ceremony in the woods, and a nature-like decoration in the reception hall were the reflection of Laura & Antoine’s personality and adventurous spirit.

Imagine life after your wedding, it’s a Saturday night, just the two of you. What meal are you most looking forward to cooking, and what movie will you fall asleep snuggling in front of?

I picture DAVID cooking for ME ! 🙂 Having some of his famous delicious chef salad, and watching Avengers. We’re big superhero geeks and we’re working on completing our Blu-Ray 3D Marvel DVDs collection 🙂


We’ll be doing the first fitting of her gown via Skype this weekend, and I can’t wait! The original idea for her dress was inspired by one of the gowns in The Classic Collection (the sketch at the top of the post!), and as we sat and talked about what was important to her for her gown, we settled on a beautiful final design, and it’s been a joy to create it for her! Soon I’ll be able to share the finished gown, but for little sneak peeks along the way, take a peek at the studio fun on our insta!

xoxo, K

  1. Kathryn BAXTER says:

    We are delighted to have your creation in this wedding! And SO PROUD OF YOU! Lots of love, Kathryn

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