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The Beauty in the Process | NYC Bridal & Fashion Illustrator

It was right in the middle of our photoshoot, while we shivered and chattered and apologized over and over to our dear model who was courageously wearing silk strapless bridal gowns in the middle of Central Park on a December morning, that I looked at Abby and asked if I sent her the illustrations from this collection, would she photograph them as well. I would love to have the full story of this collection captured! There is so much more that goes into each garment than just the final pieces of silk and lace that are stitched together and hung on a hanger. What starts as an idea that stemmed from a bit of inspiration, turns into a series of rough pencil sketches working out the general shapes, which then develops into a blueprint-esque project where I work through all the layers of a garment, on paper, before I even touch a mannequin or a piece of fabric. I design from the inside out, and there’s an architecture that goes with each dress, a structure underneath that holds it all together. Like a Parisian woman, it should look graceful and effortless to the passerby, meanwhile with an intentionality and purpose to every careful detail that pieces together the true structure, one that only the wearer will observe. No piece out of place, or detail unnoticed.

These are the illustrations that Abby shot for me, after she so beautifully captured the rest of the completed garments in the collection. But to see where it all begins, here is one of the original rough pencil sketches as well, the original bits of thought and inspiration that the entire Classic Collection stemmed from.


Katherine Bignon Bridal Design Illustration

Katherine Bignon Bridal Design Illustrations

Katherine Bignon Silk Robe Illustration

Katherine Bignon Bridal Separates Illustration

Katherine Bignon Tulle Skirt Illustration

Katherine Bignon Elope Dress Illustration

Katherine Bignon Design, Cotton Robe Illustration

I’ve always thought that it’s so important to remember that every piece of art that is created is so much more than simply the finished product. There is so much beauty that lies in the process, and unfortunately largely remains unnoticed. Where is the beauty that goes unseen for you? Whether it’s in your creative process, or the daily ins and outs of raising your babies. What are your moments that go unnoticed, but are some of the most beautiful?

xoxo, Katherine

To read more of The Sketchbook Series, take a peek here!

All the images of the final illustrations were beautifully captured by Abby of Abby Grace Photography

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