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The Paris Travelogue: Bonjour!

The first time I walked through Paris I was told to keep a tight grip on my purse, make sure none of the zippers or pockets were facing out, otherwise someone would surely slip their hand in and take something, and to keep my passport in a pouch underneath my blouse. 12 months later, on one of my last strolls through the city before I moved home, my soon-to-be husband slipped his hand around mine and pulled me close right before we crossed the street underneath a pink sunset that I’ll always remember. By then I knew the city like the back of my hand, it’s like it was a part of me. It still is. Paris is where I grew up in a sense, it’s where I finally began to understand who I was as an artist and designer, it’s where I began to find my inspiration and the things that grounded me. If you’ve never been to Paris, let me help you see a little of its magic. If you’re going, maybe I can share some of my favorite little spots with you, and inspire you to search for your own perfect nooks and crannies. And if you’ve been, maybe I can help you remember it until you have the chance to go back again. Welcome to the start of the Paris Travelogue, I am so excited you’re here!

Bisous, K


Katherine spent a year living and working with a missionary family in Paris, France immediately after high school. It’s where she met her husband, fell in love with wide open windows and flower boxes, began to find what truly inspires her as an artist and designer, and where she decided that one day she would write a book. (It’s also where she buys her fancy schmancy favorite tea!) Paris and its creamy colors, its stunning architecture, and its sense of classic are just a few of K’s favorite things and she loves traveling back to wander through France any chance she gets. (Especially now with her bilingual littles in tow!) Thanks for following along with K on the Paris Travelogue + City Guide, as she shares her stories and memories from the last 9 years of a love affair with France.


Above image by Abby Grace Photography

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