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Réanna + David | Custom Wedding Dress Designer for an Intimate Wedding in Paris, France

This custom wedding dress for a beautiful & intimate wedding just outside Paris, France is one for the books. I adore all of my brides, and I’ve been blessed to have some pretty incredible ones, but this one… I don’t even know how to put it into words. Réanna is like a sister. She and her family invited me to live with them in France, and a year later she and her sister did everything possible to make sure that G and I were introduced and fell head-over-heels-in-love. (Thanks babe!!) Her family is still our second family, and we love them to pieces. None of my *real* sisters are married yet, and I was SO honored-and-excited-to-tears-and-happy-dances when she told me she and David were engaged and that she had been dreaming of me designing her dress for her, since the days I lived with her family! (Cue the tears and happy dances, well yes of course I’ll make your gown!) Designing dresses for family members is an ALL-TIME favorite for me, and honestly, such a privilege.

This gown is near and dear to my heart, simply because I’ve known Réanna since before she and David ever fell in love, and I got to watch their story unfold from the sidelines as they took each step towards creating a beautiful life together. This girl has prayed for her future husband for as long as I can remember, and prayed over the marriage that she would get to live out with a beautiful fervor and passion that was so inspiring to watch. And so to be invited to play a role in this day that had been so anticipated and patiently waited for, was truly an honor.

“Simplicity – elegance – me. I wanted a dress that reflected who I am. A pretty but not too fancy dress, delicate and discrete.” This is how she put into words what she was dreaming of for a wedding dress, and I am in LOVE with what we came up with!

Réanna, you were an incredibly beautiful bride to David, and such a beautiful image of a Godly wife each and every day. I am so blessed to know you, and love you like a sister!

xoxo, K

To see more of David + Réanna’s story, take a peek here at their “Meet the Bride” post!

Katherine Bignon designs custom gowns for brides enchanted with the idea of an intimate wedding and a beautiful marriage. To inquire about becoming a KB Bride, please look here.

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