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Paris Anniversary Session Inspiration | Le Pont Alexandre III

This is one of the first spots in Paris that I saw at night, and I fell in love with it instantly. It was just after I had moved there, and a friend and I went to see the National Cuban Ballet perform Giselle at le ­­­Grand Palais. At intermission we walked out to the bridge and stood there quietly chatting, taking in the beautiful and peaceful scene. It was stunning, with the eiffel tower glittering in the background and boats quietly passing underneath, and it became place I gravitated back to many more times throughout my year there!

On our most recent trip to Paris, I took the littles to the bridge to see it, and show them the gold statues and the views of the Eiffel Tower down the river. It’s a charming little spot in Paris, right off the heavily beaten path of the Champs Elysees, and just past the Louvre and la Concorde, but it is peacefully quiet and tranquil, unlike many of its neighbors. There are quaint walking paths and gardens along the Seine to be found on whichever side of the bridge you cross towards, but my favorites are on the Petit Palais/Grand Palais side of the river!

A Parisian Anniversary Session at Le Pont Alexandre III

Where to go: Walk from le Grand Palais towards le Pont Alexandre III, take some time on the entrance of the bridge with the Parisian skyline in the background, before turning left and strolling hand in hand through the gardens above the river towards Concorde & the Tuileries.

What to wear: The bridge and the walking paths tend to have much darker tones to them than other areas of Paris, since the bridge is built of black, gray, and gold, and the gardens are full of dark green lush grass, with none of the usual creamy pastels of Paris architecture nearby to offset the dark. I’d recommend a midi-length Ivory tulle skirt with a pair of classy pumps, a silk blouse, a blush cardigan, and a little silk scarf around your neck with a floral print on it. (If you’re looking for props, stop by the flower market at la Madeleine before heading over to the bridge, to pick up a brown paper wrapped bouquet of whatever is in season! The vendors are open year round.)

What Time of day to go: Either at sunrise, to ensure you have the bridge to yourself (add a café crème and 2 pain au chocolat to your must-have list then, and enjoy them on the bridge in the middle of the shoot!), or right before sunset, to catch golden hour on the bridge.

What to make sure you don’t miss: The doors of the ­­Petit Palais. The two palaces sitting face to face with each other are unlike anything you will see anywhere else in Paris, and they are just beautiful!

Stay classy, K

P.S. My absolute favorite photographer for Paris Anniversary sessions is Abby Grace, of Abby Grace Photography. She’s an incredibly talented DC + Destination Wedding & Anniversary Film Photographer, and she is head over heels in love with Paris. She sees Paris in a way that no one else does, and watching the images come to life through her lens, it’s pure magic.
The bridge crosses the Seine in one graceful arch, and the gilding and detailing is unlike any other bridge in Paris.The views underneath the bridge can be just as lovely as the artwork above.




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