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Pointy-Toe Shoes

So it’s no secret that I married into a French family, and have spent a LOT of time bouncing back and forth between Paris & the states. And if you’ve been following along for a while now on instagram you know it’s no secret that I LOVE good classic style, and my married-into French roots are a huge reason why! This is a new series of posts where I’m peeking into my closet and sharing all the things I love about classic style, how I style my outfits, and developing a classic wardrobe that doesn’t need to be completely reinvented each season! It’s a glance into the culmination of everything I’ve learned from “the French side”, and I hope you have as much fun with it as I do!

In high school I refused to wear any sort of pointy-toed shoe. I wouldn’t have anything to do with them! I already thought my feet were huge (hello size 11), and was too embarrassed about that to be willing to wear something that may make my feet look even LONGER! (Usually I tried to squeeze my feet into smaller than ok shoes because usually they were cuter… and hello bunyons!)

But then right before graduation, I had my tickets in hand for my upcoming year in Paris, and I stumbled across the most darling pair of black pointy-toed flats and I bit the bullet and decided to try them out. I packed my favorite jeans circa 2007 (so probably more on the bootcut side than my grown-up love of high waist skinnies) in my suitcase and those dainty new black shoes, and hopped across the ocean with no plans to come home until the following summer. I broke them in on the blush sidewalks of Paris and wore the soles out carrying my camera EVERYWHERE in that city. I kept them all year until there was barely anything left to them, because never had a pair of shoes (flats no less!) left me feeling that classy and chic. Throughout that year I shoe-shopped a few more times (I was in Paris after all…) and each time I was drawn time and time again to the pointy-toes. They have the effect of drawing your eye along the length of your foot in such a way that as with a perfectly styled photo, your eye is given an invitation to enter the frame and look, and follow along until the natural point of exit. They evoke graceful movement, and confident steps, even if you’re not quite sure where you’re going. Quite the opposite of my initial fears of them making me look bigger and feeling out-of-place.


I update my pair every few years as they get worn out, but a good classy pair of black pointers will NEVER go out of style! They’re the shoe that I sketch onto all of my bridal illustrations, and my go-to for styling my bridal models.

Flat or stilettos, here’s a few of my favorite ways to wear them! (All learned in France, c’est promis.)

  • With a high-waist midi skirt, and a tank top tucked in.

  • With skinny crops, and a flowy floral top.

  • Peeking out from underneath a floor length silk skirt for a formal event.

  • With a pair of flowy shorts for a fresh look on a summer day.


Tell me, how do you wear yours?!

Stay classy, K


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