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styling for the joyful entrepeneur

visual brand strategy

I'm so happy you've found your way to this joy-filled little corner! There's so much noise out there telling you that everything will be better if you just keep buying more. But your closet still feels empty no matter how much you have shoved in there. I'm here to help you drown out the clamor, and curate a style that you can truly settle in to. I happily call myself "French by marriage" and I've spent the last decade admiring, and step-by-step chasing, that unique French feel of simple elegance, of less equaling so much more, and style being something that is curated over a lifetime, not hashed together for a season. It's that certain "je ne sais quoi", really, a confident authenticity. 
Styling is so much more than simply handing over a pin board of 3 happy looks to wear for a shoot, when the next day you stare into your closet with nothing to wear. It's a process of truly discovering who you are, what you love aesthetically, and designing the visual stories you want to represent. Let me help you curate a wardrobe that will last so much longer than a trend rushed season. 

If you're ready to stop reinventing the wheel with every new shoot or event, curate an intentional and strategical visual story, and find joyful contentment in your closet I am here for it! I would love to chat and find the perfect fit for you, and fill you in on some of our package accessories, like On-Set Shoot Styling (basically the best upgrade ever!) Tap that button to inquire because I would be overjoyed to design with you! Packages begin at $225.

closet, meet your fairy godmother

An actionable plan to streamline, and pivot your entire closet into something that brings joy every time you open that door. For brand shoots, and the real life that happens for years after.

full wardrobe design

the hands down favorite

Our signature in-depth curating method, ideal for brand shoots and those looking to develop an intentional strategy for their visual aesthetics, branded and personal.

branded style curation

single event based

An event specific package for those seeking to curate a signature look. Think speaking events, engagement shoots, or your daily go-to. 

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portfolio highlights

photographed by Josie Derrick Photography


branded style curation + on set styling

abby grace photography

photographed by
abby grace photography


branded style curation

sarah bradshaw photography

photographed by
abby grace Photography


international workshop + on set styling

the signature atelier

if it doesn't bring you joy, why are you wearing it? (thanks Marie)

Tired of that "nothing to wear but closet too full" feeling? Try chucking the pieces that make you cringe but you've kept 'em anyways (you know which piece I mean). I promise you'll find the happy pieces lost behind the clutter.

We believe

joy filled style

we believe in

there's elegance to be found in the simplicity of less

You've heard that less is more, and with style, it's always true. When you get all fancied up, take a last look and consider removing just one piece before leaving. But stop before we get to Titanic logic (y'know, "wearing that. wearing only that"...)

We believe

elegant simplicity

we believe in

too many and you're gaudy, but one, one that's just right? perfection,

From Hermès scarf dreams, to the faded denim jacket you'd never leave home without. Pick the one that just screams "you" and flaunt it like no one else. The beauty of a well loved piece isn't bought with cheap distressing, it's in the cherishing.

We believe

a signature accessory

we believe in

Mine? high waisted Black jeans, a gray tee, &
a good scarf.

It doesn't mean boring, it speaks confidence. It doesn't mean lazy, but space to enjoy what you love most. And girl, it's def not your middle school uniform. It's a foundational piece of knowing "this is who I am, and I wear it better than anyone else."

We believe

a daily go-to

we believe in

Our style truths


"I just want to crawl into the style guide you created for me and Live in it. it's so perfect."

Kind Words

abby grace photography


branded style curation, on set styling

"i'm freaking out reading through the style guide. giddy. absolutely giddy. you nailed it."

Kind Words

sarah bradshaw photography


branded style curation, wardrobe design

"they genuinely care about your business AND about you. The intimacy of the workshop is wonderful…"

Kind Words

the signature atelier


international workshop co-host, shoot design + on set styling 

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