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Dear K | I’m dreaming of a gown with buttons, but…

Dear K,

I’ve been dreaming of a gown that buttons all the way up the back, but I’m not sure I trust my husband enough to unbutton it safely without damaging the dress. Plus, he’s going to complain. What do I do?!


Dreaming Of My Perfect Dress


Ok friend, I totally feel you on this one! I ADORE the look of those classic satin buttons trailing their delicate line up the back of a dress, #dreamdress, right?! But they can take forever to button up, and even longer to safely undo, especially if you leave it to your new husband. So what do you do, how do you merge your dress dreams with real-life…

The way I see it, you have three options! (And don’t worry, one of those is NOT “forget the buttons, you didn’t need them anyways”. This is your wedding, and if you don’t get that delicate line of classic satin buttons now, when are you going to get them?)

  1. You can have a zipper put in UNDERNEATH the buttons! You can have your dress designed so that the gown has a hidden zipper, and the buttons on top of the zipper. The buttons can still have the traditional loops running all the way up that makes them look so classy, and you can ask one of your bridesmaids to undo the loops before you hop in the car to steal away, leaving only the zipper to ask him to help with. He can probably handle that part.
  2. Consider a reception gown, or a good-bye dress! You can wear the dress of your dreams for the ceremony, when you have all your girls to help you in and out and around in it, and then have a secondary gown designed for dancing the night away at the reception, and easy slipping away in. The idea of 2 completely different gowns isn’t for you? You can also think about a “goodbye dress”, one that you slip into just before leaving, or even just after your big sparkler send-off, but before hopping in the car. Not another gown, but a simpler creamy white dress that you’ll wear again, maybe even be able to wear on your honeymoon. That way, you’re not taking your gown to the hotel and leaving it sitting in the car while it’s parked at the airport for the next two weeks. Instead, you’ve handed your gown to one of your girls, and she’ll make sure its safe and sound and clean when you get home!
  3. Teach him! If neither of these are for you, and you just REALLY want the buttons, and buttons only with no [invisible] zipper anywhere in sight, and you want to wear the gown all the way to the hotel and leave them in the capable-ish hands of your new husband, you should probably warn him ahead of time. (And suggest he wash his hands before he puts a smudge on white silk!)

Don’t fret girl, I promise there’s always a solution!

xoxo, K


Katherine Bignon Bridal Design, Custom Bridal Gown Illustration

image by Abby Grace Photography

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