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The Oval Frame

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the oval frame

a legacy

The Oval Frame

It hangs at the end of their hallway, a stunning hand carved oval frame, with him standing tall and smiling in a white tux with tails, and her at his side, in the dress she had made. I walked past the portrait every day, all the details are etched in my mind, as if the portrait were hanging at the end of own hallway now, still in that same frame. She put every stitch into that white gown herself, a two piece look with a strapless dress and a long sleeve lace overlay that she slipped on to walk down the aisle and promise him forever in.

Their marriage is the legacy they inspire the six of us with every single day. I saw that portrait each day as I walked into the house; his smile and her dress, and I could see the marriage I dreamed of having when it was my turn. To me, it all started with every detailed stitch she put into that gown each night as they sat on the couch talking, the dress hidden beneath a blanket so he wouldn’t see. The dress that she saved for me to try on one day.

I design for the oval framed portrait that will sit at the end of your hallway one day, and for the little girl who will beg to try your gown on.

i design because she inspired me