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Hi there lovely! I'm Katherine, designer & stylist just outside of NYC! I help brides and entrepreneurs find elegance (& simplicity!) in an industry filled with overwhelming options and quick-dissolve trends. Here on the blog you'll find the behind the scenes of our joy-filled studio, special peeks into the bridal collections, bits of education for designers, and the style secrets I've curated over a decade long love affair with French life & style (and y'know it's the real deal when it comes with a French husband and bilingual littles...).


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a peek behind the seams

Dear K, I want a wedding dress plus a reception dress. Can they be completely different, or do I need to make sure there’s continuity between the two gowns? Sincerely, Overwhelmed-and-confused-with-all-the-options.   Dear Overwhelmed-and-confused-with-all-the-options, I hear you! There are SO many different styles of wedding gowns out there, and when you consider a reception gown […]

Every girl who has ever been a bridesmaid has most likely at least once looked at at least one of their bridesmaids dresses and thought, where will I ever wear this again? You know the thought right?! All the dresses look beautiful lined up next to the bride, but most are worn once and forgotten. […]

One of the first questions I hear during each and every consult with my brides is, “What will the dress be made out of?” They want to know whether it’s silk or polyester, what the fabric will feel like, what it will look like, and how it will move. And most importantly, whether or not […]

Dear K, I’ve been dreaming of a gown that buttons all the way up the back, but I’m not sure I trust my husband enough to unbutton it safely without damaging the dress. Plus, he’s going to complain. What do I do?! Sincerely, Dreaming Of My Perfect Dress   Ok friend, I totally feel you […]

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